About Us

Club Fido’s mission is to provide a safe, secure environment for dogs. We offer playtime and activities, as well as loving attention that make every dog’s visit a positive experience. Club Fido strives to be your beloved dog’s “home away from home”. Our utmost priority is always the health and happiness of our Club members. We are here to make this a pleasurable experience for you and your dog. Customer satisfaction is very important to us!


In order to provide excellent service we maintain the following:

  • An experienced staff to provide close supervision, as well as affection.
  • A strict, efficient cleaning schedule to maintain absolute sanitation throughout the facility.
  • A “no-tolerance” policy for any dogs with aggressive tendencies. Extreme rough play is discouraged and supervised accordingly.
  • A strong “no overcrowding” policy to provide the utmost safety and comfort for each dog.


Rescue Organization Involvement

To help with the ongoing problem of pet overpopulation and canine homelessness, Club Fido actively supports dog rescue organizations in the local area. We offer our services at discount prices to these organizations to assist in helping place their dogs in finding new, loving homes.

In support of new dog parents rescuing their new family member, Club Fido will give newly adopted dogs (within 1 month of adoption) the FIRST WEEK of Daycare for FREE! [Note: A complete evaluation must be passed before free offer is awarded.] Call for details: (310) 390-8134.