Eligibility Requirements

In order to maintain a safe environment for everyone, every dog must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Each dog must be well-socialized with all dogs and with people and show no signs of aggressive behavior.
  • Each dog must be current on the following three vaccinations:
    • Bordetella (annual)
    • DHPP (annual or 3-year)
    • Rabies (annual or 3-year)
  • Each dog must be spayed/neutered by the age of 1 year old.
    [Note: Specific behavioral issues may require the dog to be fixed at any earlier age.]
  • Each dog must be on a current flea program (such as Advantage, Frontline, etc.) to avoid any flea outbreaks to occur in the facility.
  • Each dog must wear a collar with a snap-on buckle, along with a name tag.
    [Note: If your dog is dropped off without the correct collar, a collar must be purchased from Club Fido.]


Evaluation Process:

Evaluation hours are 11am to 3pm Daily. No appointment necessary.

On the day of evaluation, we will introduce your dog to a few of the other dogs to observe his social skills and ensure there are no signs of aggression. Your dog will also be introduced to some of our staff members to observe his social skills with humans as well.

During the evaluation, we have you complete some paperwork and familiarize you with all of  our services and policies. We will give you a tour around our facility, so you can see first-hand where your dog will be enjoying himself. The evaluation process will take about 20-30 minutes. Once the evaluation process is complete, your dog will be all set to have some fun.

*A Complimentary 2-hour trial playtime is included on the day of evaluation!